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Vision, Mission & Objectives
To achieve excellence and exclusiveness in collections that reflect the value and originality of the scientific heritage of Arabs and Muslims, which represents an important pillar in contemporary scientific progress.

To collect, catalogue and program all that is related to Arab and Islamic scientific heritage in accordance with the latest means and make such easily available to researchers and scholars at the local, regional, and international levels.

  1. Make available, digitally and in hardcopy, the latest book and studies on the history of Arabs and Muslims and other Arab and foreign sources of information.
  2. Exchange sources of information and experiences with libraries, research centers, and authorities concerned with Arab and Islamic scientific heritage in the world.
  3. Apply the latest standards of quality and excellence in all library sections.
  4. Develop the specialized technical skills and expertise of library staff to offer the best services to scholars, researchers and science students.
  5. Provide various information and library services using the latest means of communication on the Internet or library account on various social media websites.