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The Museum of the History of Arab and Muslim Scientists is a specialized museum that highlights the innovations, discoveries and scientific and technological achievements of Arab and Muslim scientists during the different eras of Islamic history, which contributed to the advancement of human welfare.

Displayed in the museum are hundreds of discoveries and innovations that the Islamic civilization contributed to humankind. On display are restored objects and machines invented by Muslims in the various scientific disciplines such as medicine, astronomy, geography, marine sciences, engineering, optics, chemistry, physics, metallurgy, mechanics, and wartime and timing devices.

To be a platform for defining the scientific heritage of Arabs and Muslims, locally and internationally, in order to strengthen the Arab and Muslim identity, communicate with others and enrich culture and education.

Continuously seek to offer the best scientific, consultative and technical services to patrons of the museum and promote culture, education and dialogue through workshops, seminars and mobile exhibitions.

  • To organize museum exhibitions and materials so that visitors may understand the volume of scientific achievements accomplished by the Islamic civilization in the service of humankind.
  • To be a setting for enlightenment, education, training and research in the history of Arab and Muslim sciences.
  • To seek a collective human memory through the works on display which give visitors the opportunity to discover common influences and mutual historical links between the Islamic civilization and different civilizations.