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Vision, Mission, Objectives & Values

To become a distinguished and leading center in defining the contributions of Arab and Muslim scientists and showcasing their legacy in the modern sciences and humanitarian services with the aim of achieving a promising future.


To revive Arab and Muslim scientific heritage through the processes of compilation, preservation, verification, investigation, publication, and translation and make this information easily accessible to researchers through holding conferences, symposia and workshops. The center further serves as a platform for dialogue, discussion, communication and interaction between cultures.


• Revive and raise the profile of Arab/Islamic scientific heritage at the local, regional and international levels.
• Establish a specialized library in the history of Arab and Muslim Sciences, containing publications on the various fields of science and knowledge in which the nation's scientists have excelled in different eras to facilitate the research of scientists, researchers and science students.
• Prepare researchers and train them in the various fields of Arab/Islamic scientific heritage.
• Sponsor those interested in Arab/Islamic scientific heritage as well as highlight and support their research and technical activities locally, regionally and internationally.
• Integrate the theoretical and scientific components of this heritage within the modern educational process by considering it a common human denominator, which served humanity in the past and today constitutes a knowledge base for communication and education.


• Belief in the vision, mission and objectives of the foundation and commitment and dedication to realizing such with complete integrity and sincerity.
• Excellence in serving scientists, scholars, students and researchers in the field of Arab and Muslim sciences.
• Achieving a stimulating and distinguished work environment committed to continuing education through the spirit of teamwork and belief in knowledge integration and utilizing the competencies of all to serve the objectives of the foundation.
• Realizing the highest of quality standards through creating an environment that values innovative ideas and talents.