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Professorial Chair
Professorial chairs shall be appointed by the Chancellor of the University, based upon the recommendation of the Foundation's Scientific Council. Appointments shall be for the period of three years and may be renewed one time only.

Authorities of the Professorial Chair:
  1. Represent the professorial chair (someone delegated by its scientific body), internally and externally.
  2. Prepare the strategic and operational plans of the chair.
  3. Recommend members of the professorial chair advisory body.
  4. Oversee the preparation of the projected budget for the chair, inclusive of its resources and projected expenditures.
  5. Nominate the necessary researchers, trainers and consultants for the undertaking of the chair's tasks in light of its operational plan and within the limits of its authorities.
  6. Dispense expenditures from the approved professorial chair budget within its fiscal limits and authorities.
  7. Prepare the annual report on the programs and activities of the chair.


Professorial Chair Fund:
First:  General Provisions:

  1. The Professorial Chair Fund shall be financially independent and have its own single and independent account at one of the local banks. All sums of money that are obtained for the chair from various funding sources shall be deposited in the account, and these sums shall be included within the annual resources of the fund. The Foundation Scientific Council shall oversee the account.
  2. The Professorial Chair Fund shall have an independent budget, which shall include its resources and expenditures. The fiscal year of the fund shall be the same as the fiscal year of the University of Sharjah.
  3. The Professorial Chair Fund shall have an executive director who reports directly to the Director of the Foundation.
  4. The Professorial Chair budget shall be approved by decision of the Foundation Board of Trustees. The budget shall be subject to oversight by the certified accountant for the chair and sums not spent shall not be forwarded (to the next year) but rather returned Professorial Chair account.


Second:  Mandate of the Executive Director of the Fund:

  1. Manage the endowments and property of the fund.
  2. Seek appropriate investment opportunities and prepare the necessary feasibility studies.
  3. Prepare the strategic and operational plans for the fund.
  4. Prepare the annual budget for the fund.
  5. Obtain the dues for the fund.
  6. Monitor fund investments.
  7. Oversee the preparation of regulations governing fund investments.
  8. Oversee directly inventory procedures and receive and hand over custody of assets.
  9. Nominate the necessary staff and consultants to undertake fund tasks within the limits of the authorities granted to it.
  10. Evaluate the performance of staff working with the fund and submit an annual report on them.
  11. Prepare the annual report of the fund.
  12. Whatever else the Foundation Board of Trustees may require.


Third:  Professorial Chair Resources:

  1. Annual funding from chair sponsors (institutions, individuals and companies).
  2. Revenues from research projects and academic/scientific programs undertaken by the chair.
  3. Donations, gifts, grants, and endowments from institutions and individuals.
  4. Annual funding investment returns from institutions or individuals.
  5. Funds allocated by the University.


Fourth:  Professorial Chair Expenditures:

  1. Salaries, bonuses and overtime.
  2. Purchase of devices, machines, equipment and all necessary requirements for implementing various programs and activities.
  3. Expenditures for conferences, symposia, meetings and forums.
  4. Expenditures for printing, publishing, marketing, advertising and announcements.
  5. Expenditures for preparing the programs and activities of the chair.
  6. Costs for certified accountants.
  7. Costs for contracts, partnerships, scholarships and academic/scientific trips.
  8. Transportation and hospitality expenditures.
  9. Professorial chair salaries and compensation for researchers, consultants and technicians.
  10. Payments and expenditures shall be subject to the oversight of certified accountants.  All expenditures from the fund shall be in the form of checks drawn upon the current fund account with the signature of the Director.


Fifth: Procedures for Establishing the Professorial Chair:

  1. Procedures for establishing the professorial chair shall begin when funding is available.
  2. The name of the professorial chair shall be designated as well its objectives, term and budget.
  3. The Foundation shall prepare a contract to establish the chair with the chair sponsor and designate the name of the sponsor and title of the chair as well as the chair term and total amount of chair funding. The Chancellor of the University of Sharjah, or whomever he delegates, shall sign the contract.
  4. Selection of professorial chair and supervisor of the chair.
  5. The Chair Supervisor shall present the professorial chair before the SIFHAMS Scientific Council for comments.
  6. The research team shall fulfil the observations made by the Academic Council and then present the proposal another time to the Council to initiate arbitration procedures.
  7. The professorial chair team shall begin writing a detailed program for the chair within one month from committee approval for funding the offer.
  8. The Foundation shall prepare an internal contract and budget for the chair, prepared by the chair supervisor. The Director of the Foundation shall represent the Foundation in the signing of the contract and approval of the budget. The chair supervisor shall represent the professorial chair research team.
  9. The professorial chair shall be requested to submit regular reports on the activities of the professorial chair.
  10. Upon the end of the chair term, the professorial chair shall submit a final technical report on the professorial chair, inclusive of all accomplishments, which shall be approved by the Foundation Scientific Council.
  11. The Foundation may call upon whomever it views appropriate from among professorial chair consultants to submit the chair programs.