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Professorial Chair Research Board
The Professorial Chair Research Board consists of the following members:
  1. Chancellor of the University of Sharjah – Chairman.
  2. Director of the Sharjah International Foundation for the History of Arab and Muslim Sciences (Secretary).
  3. Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies.
  4. Two members for the Foundation Board of Trustees.
Mandate of the Professorial Chair Research Board
  1. Recommend the establishment of research chairs at the Foundation.
  2. Recommend the continuation of professorial chairs (whose funding has ceased) for more funding or discontinuation.
  3. Approve the names of professorial research chairs or their modification.
  4. Recommend accepting scholarships, grants, gifts, donations and endowments presented in the name of research chairs.
  5. Recommend approval of professorial chairs.
  6. Approve the appointment of members of advisory bodies for the research chairs.
  7. Approve the strategic and operational plans of research chairs.
  8. Approve the investment of research chair funds.
  9. Recommend the approval of bylaws and regulations governing administrative and financial aspects of professorial chairs and submit these to the Foundation Board of Trustees.
  10. Discuss the budget and annual reports of research chairs and submit these to the Foundation Board of Trustees.
  11. Form permanent or ad hoc committees from among Board members to study what the Board commissions in terms of duties or preparation. Whomever the said committee views appropriate may be invited in this regard.
  12. Provide recommendations aimed at developing the work of the professorial chair.
  13. Review research projects, studies and training programs presented for the professorial chair.
  14. Study research results presented for publication through the professorial chair.
  15. Nominate visiting professors and monitor their undertaking of tasks.
  16. Nominate scholarship student and evaluate their performance in accordance with that which the Foundation views appropriate.
  17. Review that which the professorial chair submits in terms of various subjects.
  18. Study that which the Board of Trustees refers in terms of topics concerning the professorial chairs.
Meetings of the Professorial Chair Research Board
The Board shall convene its meetings at least four times a year.  The meetings shall be considered legitimate in the attendance of at least two thirds of its members. The decisions of the Board shall be issued by majority vote of those in attendance.  If there is a tie in the vote, the outcome shall be decided by the vote of the chairperson. Decisions by the Board shall be considered effective 15 days after the signing of the meeting minutes.