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Vision, Mission & Objectives
To establish innovative professorial chairs distinguished by research, investigation, studies, training and development in fields related to the history of Arab and Muslim sciences in order to contribute to enriching the knowledge society and to achieve leadership locally, regionally and internationally.

The mission of the professorial chair program represents an important means of activating the specialized research role of the Foundation, which applies the highest of quality research standards. The Foundation further provides the elements necessary to innovative research in order to generate knowledge and results that contribute to Arab Islamic identity and help prepare a distinguished generation of researchers and graduate students specialized in diverse fields related to the history of Arab and Muslim sciences. Each professorial chair shall have a specific vision and mission that it seeks to achieve through its objectives, which shall be consistent with the vision and mission of the Foundation and geared towards fulfilling the requirements of the professorial chair sponsor.

  1. Improve the level of studies in fields related to the history of Arab and Muslim sciences locally, regionally and internationally.
  2. Attract distinguished specialists to support the research programs and activities of the Foundation.
  3. Link distinguished researchers and scholars from the Foundation with research centers at international universities through professorial chair join research.
  4. Realize the integration of research fields between the Foundation and internal and external research institutes.
  5. Provide the necessary funding to support and sustain the research of the Foundation.
  6. Support the dissemination of specialized knowledge through authorship of books, translation, and investigation.
  7. Organize conferences, symposia and discussion seminars.
  8. Attract distinguished graduate students and provide them with scholarships.