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Department of Humanities
To provide excellency and innovation by offering a global and integrative vision to the history of humanities among Arab and Muslims in its various branches. To seek a new and modern presentation through research, verification and translation of scientific knowledge relative to the eminent scholars in humanities. To demonstrate the value of the outcomes and its contribution to the highlighting of Islamic civilization and the progress of humanities.

To safeguard and conserve the historical memory of the nation in its different branches of studies in humanities. To collect manuscripts and promote their investigation and translation. To maintain the continuity of the scientific heritage in the history of the nation. To develop researches to be capable to explore and discover the other by the dialogue to assure the continuity by the conferences and colloquium.

  1. Investigate, translate and publish the eminent manuscripts in different studies in humanities, Arab and Islamic branches.
  2. Define all components in history of humanities inside of the Arab and Islamic heritage circle.
  3. Demonstrate the value of the human sciences and its importance in the Arab and Islamic knowledge.
  4. Developing the capability and skills of researches in various stage of humanities.
  5. Collaborating with all common interest regional, national and international.
  6. Launch international research projects in Arab and Islamic humanities.
  7. Define the Arab and Islamic scientific competences to be promoted in educational system and different knowledge networking.