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Department of Languages and Translation
To enlighten, educate and promote dialogue with others through the translation of Arab and Muslim scientific heritage in order to raise the profile of Arab and Muslim scientists in the various fields of sciences and their continuous efforts in the service of humanity, and to promote scientific progress in the world.

To raise awareness among various peoples of the world about the accomplishments of Arab and Muslim scientists in diverse scientific fields through the translation of these accomplishments to the greatest number of languages possible, highlight their influence on the growth of scientific knowledge and its development globally and affirm the capacity of the Arabic language to express the sciences accurately.

  1. Form work teams of competent translators with expertise in the scientific translation of Arabic to English, in the first stage, and to other important languages in the following stages.
  2. Translate Arabic scientific books, studies and manuscripts of distinctive scientific value that have not previously been translated into English and other modern languages.
  3. Publish mini science encyclopedias in numerous languages to create awareness among the new generation of scholars on the various scientific theories, achievements, and innovations of Arab and Muslim scientists throughout the ages and the impact of their accomplishments on what the world has achieved of progress in the fields of science and civilization.
  4. Review what has been published of translations on the accomplishments of Arab and Muslim scientists with the aim of revising them to eliminate gaps and errors in translation and to add to their contents, indices, terminology and other aspects to enhance their scientific and professional value.