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Department of Pure and Applied Sciences
The Department of Pure and Applied Sciences strives to achieve preeminence and uniqueness in the region and all over the Muslim worlds, by providing a positive environment for Muslim outreach services in education, offering exceptional programs in history and heritage that are based upon the contributions of Arab and Muslim scholars in both pure and applied sciences. The Department aims to highlight the achievement of those scholars to explain their discoveries to the impact of those discoveries on the modern sciences and to underline the continuity of this legacy with the contemporary world. The Department looks forward to be a distinguished international center reconnecting the community with its history and heritage and supplying promising horizon for future generation.

The Department of Pure and Applied Sciences endeavors to be home of the scholars interested in the Arabs’ and Muslims’ history of pure and applied sciences. The Department strives to provide the community with a comprehensive scientific database for the history of sciences collecting and maintaining the Arabs’ and Muslims’ heritage, translating and explaining discoveries then communicating them to all over the world and training experts in the history of sciences who will be successful leaders in the community.

  1. Prepare a bibliography concerning the Arabs and Muslims heritage in applied and pure sciences and maintaining, defining it locally, regionally and globally.
  2. Introduce studies, researches and investigating the manuscripts specialized in science.
  3. Prepare researchers and train them in the various fields of applied and pure sciences related to scientific Arabic and Islamic heritage.
  4. Communicate with  the establishments and scholars who are interested in scientific Arab and Muslims heritage.
  5. Monitoring and reviewing previously and currently published achievements of Arab and
  6. Muslim scholars in the history of various scientific fields and concentrate the light on  them .