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Department of Sharia Sciences
To provide leadership and excellence through offering innovative programs that serve the Sharia sciences, whether in the field of research, verification, investigation, translation, or bibliographic studies, in order to raise the profile of the contributions of Islamic Sharia scholars in the service of the Quran and Sunnah to demonstrate their impact on the various sciences.

To investigate, publish and define the history of Sharia sciences and its pioneering scientists in promoting the path of human knowledge through preparing comprehensive databases in a number of languages that introduce aspects of their creativity and innovation locally, regionally and internationally. Additionally, the department aims to organize international conferences, symposia, and workshops, which acculturate and educate those interested in Islamic studies throughout the world.

  1. Restraint studies and researches which are specified and prevarication the manuscripts which are specified in distinct Islamic sciences.
  2. Training researchers in the arena of the historical Islamic sciences.
  3. Expanding the circle of communication and interacting with the attentive people or institution who are interested in the scientific traditional Islamic sciences 
  4. Observe what's published from serious research in historical sharia science arena and work on its translation and definition.