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مــؤسـســـة الـشـــارقــة الــدوليــة لتــاريــخ الـعــلـــوم عنــد العــــرب والـمـســلــمـيــــن Sharjah International Foundation for the History of Arab and Muslim Sciences

SIFHAMS Held a Meeting with IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council - NAMA Women Advancement in Sharjah

Upon the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the University of Sharjah and IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council - NAMA Women Advancement, whereby Sharjah International Foundation for the History of Arab and Muslim Sciences (SIFHAMS) was assigned the responsibility to carry on the future collaboration and cooperation on behalf of the university, SIFHAMS held a meeting with members of IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council on Tuesday 4th February 2020 with the aim of discussing ways of joint cooperation between the two institutions in the field of empowering graduate students interested in the field of reviving traditional crafts.

The meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr. Mesut Idriz, Acting Director of SIFHAMS, attended by Dr. Rehan Sabri, Member of Executive Board of SIFHAMS, and Dr. Badria Al Shamsi, Assistant Professor in the Department of History and Islamic Civilization, the University of Sharjah, and Ms. Shahad Al-Hammadi, Senior Executive – Projects Research and Documentation, and Ms. Aisha Al Owaisi, Research Assistant in Sharjah Academy for Astronomy, Space Sciences & Technology. During the meeting, Prof. Mesut stressed that SIFHAMS is keen on cooperating with various authorities and institutions concerned in reviving Arab and Islamic scientific heritage to support scientific research and development plans. In addition to providing all tools and capabilities in support of graduate students in order to achieve excellence and leadership in their studies and scientific research.

On the other hand, Prof. Mesut praised the role of IRTHI Heritage Council of contemporary crafts in Sharjah and its achievements in reviving and developing heritage crafts, and ensuring their sustainability through stimulating and empowering young generations to learn, enrich and develop these crafts with innovative ideas, noting the role of the Council in empowering women at the social and economic levels by reviving these traditional crafts developed by them as well as providing a sustainable future for the commercializing these crafts.

The two parties reviewed opportunities for cooperation between them with the aim of enabling graduate students interested in this field to choose various topics related to traditional crafts in the region, the mechanism for developing the capabilities of craftsmen and raising the efficiency of their skills to enable them to manufacture high-quality products, placing crafts in a contemporary context and highlighting the crafts sector as a sustainable sector, especially on the subject of the perfume industry of the past.

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