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مــؤسـســـة الـشـــارقــة الــدوليــة لتــاريــخ الـعــلـــوم عنــد العــــرب والـمـســلــمـيــــن Sharjah International Foundation for the History of Arab and Muslim Sciences


​Under the patronage of His Excellency Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University of Sharjah, the Winter School activities organized by Sharjah International Foundation for the History of Muslim and Arab Sciences (SIFHAMS) start at the University of Sharjah. This came in collaboration with Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) and the University of Köln Institute of Physics (IP) in Germany. This was with the attendance of 35 international students in various disciplines in PhD and Master's programs. The program includes a variety of daily lectures that last for two weeks and are attended by a group of experts and specialists from the University of Sharjah, Germany and Malaysia.

During the opening session, Prof. Elsiddig Ahmed ElMustafa El Sheikh, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, welcomed the attendees stressing the importance of the role played by the University of Sharjah in serving the educational and research process, where students from more than 100 nationalities study at it and it offers the latest academic programs through its various colleges. It is now, he continued, considered one of the largest universities in the United Arab Emirates and the Arab region and occupies a prominent position among the various international universities. He praised at the same time the activities of the Winter School, which is organized by the University and provides a set of distinguished lectures.

For his part, Prof. Mesut Idriz, Acting Director of the Foundation, confirmed that many applied to join the Winter School in its current session and a large number of students applied from several countries including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea Malaysia, Poland, Bosnia, Syria, Gambia, and other countries and 35 students were accepted. The lectures will also be presented by a distinguished group of scientists and researchers from the various participating universities. From the University of Sharjah, Professor Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University, will give a lecture on the topic of "The Contributions of Astrophysics to Islamic civilization", in addition to another lecture given by Prof. Mesut Idriz entitled "Understanding Islamic History in the Modern World ".

Prof. Nadia Alhasni, Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Design, will give a lecture on the topic "Understanding and Practicing Arts in Islamic civilization", and Dr. Saleh Zaki will focus on the topic "Books and Manuscripts in Islamic Civilization," in addition to Dr. Rayhan Sabri who will talk about "The Distinct Aspects of Islamic Architecture and Engineering." Lecturers from USIM are also participating, including Dr. Zorina Shafi, who will address the topic "Islamic Economics and Finance: Resources and Content;" Dr. Saborah Sibon and Dr. Farhana Sabri will talk about "Islamic Psychology and Literature;" as well as Prof. Andreas Anker from the University of Köln in Germany who deals with the topic "Selected topics and works on astrophysics in the history of Muslims." From the Macedonian state, Dr. Ghalib Vilji will discuss the topic "Understanding Islamic Philosophy in Islamic Civilization," and from the United States Dr. Glenn Cooper will give a lecture entitled "Meaning Science in the Islamic tradition." The School also includes a number of scientific trips and visits.

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