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The Participation of MA Students in Research of Documenting Traditional Emirati Perfumes

On Sunday, March 8, 2020 Sharjah International Foundation for the History of Arab and Muslim Sciences (SIFHAMS) held the third meeting with Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council - NAMA Women Advancement in Sharjah, and ICCROM  to discuss the next steps for the Emirati traditional perfume project within the framework of joint cooperation between the two sides, where mechanisms and special procedures for the participation of masters students in research were documented Traditional Emirati perfumes have been agreed on the following points: -

IRTHI team:

1. Facilitate meetings and any requirements for research purposes within the timeframe of the documentation and collaborations.

2. Issue NDA's for the students

3. Interview Students with UOS to select the students by beginning of April.

4. Receive the document on the basic research topic.

5. Facilitate with the students and their requirements.

University of Sharjah and SIFHAM:

1. Communicate the names and contact of the students.

2. Send the students names by 19th March.

3. Facilitate with the specified professors on setting the students topics to be agreed upon

4. Receive the topic brief from the students by April

5. Attend meeting interview with the students and IRTHI in April.


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