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مــؤسـســـة الـشـــارقــة الــدوليــة لتــاريــخ الـعــلـــوم عنــد العــــرب والـمـســلــمـيــــن Sharjah International Foundation for the History of Arab and Muslim Sciences

Sharjah International Foundation for the History of Arab and Muslim Sciences (SIFHAMS) Held Its First Advisory Council Meeting for 2020/2021 Academic Year

On Wednesday 9th December 2020, Sharjah International Foundation for the History of Arab and Muslim Sciences held its first meeting with the new scientific advisory council for the academic year 2020/2021, where the meeting was attended by Prof. Maammar Bettayeb, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sharjah for Scientific Research and Graduate Studies on behalf of His Excellency Prof. Hamid Al-Naimiy, Chancellor of the University, and members of the Scientific Advisory Council headed by Prof. Mesut Idriz, Director of the Foundation, Prof. Dr. Awad Al-Khalaf, Prof. Mashhoor Ahmed, Prof. Nadia Alhassani, Dr. Hussein El-Mahdi, Dr. Reyhan Sabri and Madam Nadia Masoud.
The meeting began by Prof. Maammar Bettayeb who welcomed the members.

Then the meeting followed by Prof. Mesut Idriz, Director of the Foundation, who presented the activities of the Foundation for the academic year 2019/2020, where among the most important activities carried out by the Foundation was the SIFHAMS International Graduate Winter School 2020 in cooperation with the University of Cologne in Germany and the University of Islamic Sciences in Malaysia. As a consequence, the Foundation decided to organize the 2nd SIFHAMS International Graduate Winter School for 2021 in cooperation with at King Abdulaziz University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and University of Cologne in Germany. Among acitivities of the Foundation were the cooperation with IRTHI Foundation of the Emirate of Sharjah, where SIFHAMS played the role of a link between various institutions which resulted in cooperation with the International Center for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of the Cultural Property (ICCROM), College of Architecture, College of Fine Arts and Design, Department of History and Islamic Civilization at the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

SIFHAMS Scientific Advisory Council also discussed the ongoing organization of the 4th international conference on history of Arab and Muslim sciences with the theme "Scientific Legacy and its Contemporary Impacts" which is going to be held in between 4-6 April 2021.

The members of the council also discussed the possibility of restructuring the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, proposing to add Arab names to the Council that include many important personalities who have an effective role and a great interest in the history of science and community service

In addition, the members also discussed the possibility of cooperating with other centers interested in history of science in the United Arab Emirates and communicating with them with the aim of serving the goals of institutions, community service, developing the university library, merging part and adding resources and research. They suggested preparing a list of names of centers specialized in this field to cooperate with them and extend cooperation and expansion of knowledge to focus cooperating with scientific research centers and institutions specializing in the history of science, focusing on the institution’s role in the university and increasing its activities to be a well-known institution that has a fundamental role within the university.
Prof. Mesut Idriz suggested increasing the focus and bringing more external cooperation agreements in the name of the institution from the members of the university, where in this way the foundation would be a link for cooperation with different institutions.
Prof. Awad Al-Khalaf suggested working with the Manuscripts House (Dar al-Makhtutat) at Al-Qasimia University, where His Highness Shaikh Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi placed a large number of manuscripts in history, science, space, astronomy, medicine, and others; and about the possibility of obtaining a set of the catalogues in order to provide materials for the students' research. It was also suggested to provide a digital catalog of the online manuscripts to be available and easily accessible upon the request of our postgraduate students and researchers.

Resolutions and recommendations that resulted from this meeting:

Prof. Maammar Bettayeb suggested the followings:
1- Working on forming the strategic plan of SIFHAMS for the next five years in terms;
2- Increase the budget of the foundation;
3- Increase the number researchers and staff in the foundation;
4- Establishing a research journal specialized in the history of science.

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