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International Workshop on Malabar Heritage

​MES Mampad College (Malabar, Kerala, India): Malabar was a historic hotspot of Indian Ocean trade where medieval Arab traders frequented for its immense natural resources and as a middle station on their way to the Far-East. This cosmopolitan city on the South-Indian Coast bears a million foot-prints of Arab traders and missionaries who transacted their goods and exchanged their hearts and faith: Dr. Abdulaziz al Musallam,Chairman, Sharjah Institute for Heritage, was inaugurating a Two International Workshop on Malabar Heritage in MES Mampad College (Autonomous) in Kerala, India. Al Musallam visited Kerala as an official guest for Erudite Lecture under the aegis of Kerala State Higher Education Council, Government of Kerala. The Workshop was organised by MES Mampad College in collaboration with SIFHAMS University of Sharjah, CHMK Chair University of Calicut (Kerala), Farook College (Calicut, Kerala) and SAFI Institute for Advanced Study, Vazhayoor (Kerala). Prof. Mesut Idriz, SIFHAMS University of Sharjah made keynote address and pointed to the legacy of cultural contacts between the two countries and significance of its preservation. 

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