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General Terms and Conditions for Applying for the Award

General Terms and Conditions

  • Submit the application by the award deadline, fulfill all conditions and submit all supporting documents.
  • Apply for one award category only.
  • Works should be original and not plagiarized or copied, taking into account the norms of scientific integrity.
  • Nominated works shall be in Arabic or English and published within the last two years. The award may be granted for translated works from Arabic into other languages.
  • The award will not be granted for works previously awarded significant Arab or foreign awards of the same level or higher.
  • Compliance to the conditions stated on the "form" for applying in each of the categories.
  • The work shall reflect a high level of originality, innovation and creativity and represent an important contribution to culture and human knowledge.
  • The award body reserves the right to withdraw the award if a breach of research ethics is proven and candidates who are withdrawn are not permitted to apply for the award again.
  • The applicant shall not be a member of the award body or on any of its committees during same year of application.


Award Nomination:
  • Self-nomination.
  • Universities, institutions, and research centers.
  • Nomination by three persons of prominent academic stature.


Candidate Requirements:

  1. Hold a master's or PhD degree.
  2. Apply for nomination as an individual or group of two, three or more by completing the nomination form.
  3. Comply with the deadline stated on the Foundation website and in the media and comply with the date of submission for scientific works.