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Vision, Mission & Objectives
To support excellence and leadership in research related to Islamic scientific heritage, locally, regionally and internationally.

To express appreciation for the efforts of all who have and continue to contribute to the Arab/Islamic scientific heritage and create a competitive environment conducive to achieving the mission of the Foundation and its objectives in accordance with quality standards.

  • Promote research excellence to achieve international leadership in the fields of research related to the history of Arab and Muslim sciences.
  • Express appreciation to prominent scientists, intellectuals, researchers and dignitaries who present achievements of excellence on two levels, in the Arab world and internationally, in fields of investigation, publication, translation and preservation of the Arab and Muslim scientific legacy.
  • Honor Arab and non-Arab institutions, authorities and research centers distinguished for their contribution to the Arab and Muslim scientific legacy through investigation, dissemination and defining this legacy.
  • Promote the exchange of experiences among scientists, institutions and centers, specialized in the history of Arab and Muslim sciences and serving the values of tolerance, coexistence and dialogue.
  • Honor the cultural and constructive role of translators represented in the enrichment of cultures, literature and the promotion of dialogue between civilizations and build the spirit of rapprochement between nations through defining the contributions of Arab and Muslim scientists in advancing the various sciences and the prosperity of human civilization.
  • Encourage personal and institutional initiatives aimed at serving the scientific heritage of the nation.